AJT Taylor Collection

PDF of whole collection and descriptions click here


To aid people in understanding what each item is, I have attached a sample photo of most of the collection.

This collection is so large, I have divided it up into sections


Section A:  Dolly Varden Mine  click here

Section B:  Dolly Varden Mine Railway  click here

Section C:  Wolf Mine, Wolf Creek, Alice Arm  click here

Section D:  Alice Arm - Ore Bunker  click here

Section E:  Kitsault River, Mud Hill Canyon Traverse  click here

Section f:  Trout Lake Hydro Electric Development  click here

Section G:  Tiger mining claim  click here


Dolly Varden Promotional Book
Call #:
TN439.D65 D644 1918

12 page book of photos from 1918  click here