Brian Jetmeyer Photos (click on photo for larger image)

A view from main cabin porch. Looking at Kitsault



View looking north at the "Blue Heron " beside main cabin



The Illiance River



Guest cabin  with  brother Jack ( owner ) & guest



Old loading crane



truck boneyard



Old rail car used for temp bridge. looking south apx. 17 mile.



Uppermost crossing look carefully at concrete & trestle pilings on left & right



Jack at temp crossing below old trestle




Old shovel  , close to the top end



Mine mill site  ( this site is slightly up from the old camp site )



old fargo truck & winch close to the upper campsite



Watertower at upper camp



4 wheelers at dead mans cliff



collapsed house at alice arm



Alice arm school  ( school's out )



The Real Dolly Varden  fishin' hole !


ball mill


tram bucket



water control



looking over the cliff at dead mans



the  over hang rock cut at dead mans



we'll leave no stone unturned to get to the top !